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Galician kitchen

The Galician kitchen is famous for its fish and seafood but meat lovers can also indulge high quality meat in Galicia. For example the Galician steak from animals named Galician Blond (Rubia Gallega) which belongs to the top. Why is Galician Blond Beef the best? This particular breed is specifically raised in Galicia and only used from the aged of 8 years and up to 15 years, so we are talking about a “fat old cow”. During this time, the beef gains a distinct deep flavor, because of the marbling maturation, it is worth a try.

Also a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts and mushrooms are grown and used in the Galician kitchen. Most people outside the cities have their own vegetable garden.

Below some of the best known Galician dishes.

Pimenton de Padrón

Pimientos de Padron Galicia Vista

Peppers  from Padron. Simply fried in oil and salted with sea salt.
Be careful some of them are very spicy.





Tortilla Gallega

Tortilla Gallega

The Galician tortilla is one of our most served appetizers in traditional Galician cuisine. This egg and potato dish, optionally filled with ingredients such as Pimenton de Padron, Tetillas cheese, tuna, chorizo.






Caldo Gallego

Galdo Gallega Galicia Vista

Galdo galego or just caldo, literally means Galician broth, is a traditional soup dish from Galicia.







Empanadas Gallegas

empanada Gallega

Two-crusted savoury pie from Galicia, typically filled with seasonal fillings fish or meat, red or green peppers, and onion made as one big pie or several smaller ones.





Mariscos – Seafood

Pulpo a la Gallega 

Pulpo a la Gallega

The no 1 dish in Galicia must be pulpo (octopus)  which you can eat in many restaurants. The two main ways pulpo is served is  Pulpo ‘A Feira’ This dish is    prepared by first boiling the octopus in a copper kettle. Before they actually cook the  tentacles of the  octopus are dipped three  times in and out of the boiling water, held by the head. The pulpo is served on a round wooden platter with boiled potatoes and seasoned with paprika. Pulpo ‘a la plancha’ is grilled after cooking.





Arroz con bogavante

Arroz con bogavante

A stew of rice cooked with lobster (served with the whole lobster still inside). The village of Rinlo (near Ribadeo in the Lugo province of Galicia) are particularly known for specialising of this dish





Vieiras a la gallega

sea scallops Galicia

Sea scallops served in the shell with a bread crumb topping. The scallop shell (concha de Vieira) is also the official symbol of the  pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago. Along the way, this symbol leads the pilgrim to Santiago de Compostela. This symbol is sometimes engraved on poles, painted on plates, a tile in a wall or as part of street signs.






Mejillones al vapor

steamed mussels Galicia

Mussels cooked without sauce in a pot, they steam in their own vapor. Galicians rarely use fancy dressings or broths, they serve them simply with fresh lemon on the side.






Galicia razor clams

Razor clams you can get everywhere in Galicia. Just steam them and drizzle them with a little oil,  a delicate clam slightly sweet that will melt in your mouth.








Merluza a la Gallega.

Hake a la Gallega

A classic simple dish of cooked hake served with boiled potatoes.







And last but not least;

Tarta de Santiago

Galician Almond cake tarta SantiagoA delicious almond cake.