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You have found your ideal home in Galicia and after careful consideration you have decided to buy it.


Step 1: Contrato de Arras (Contract)
A private contract signed between the buyer and the seller. A deposit of 10% is required. When the contract is signed it is agreed that when the buyer pulls out or cannot provide the remainder of the buying price at the end date of the contract, he or she will lose the deposit. If the owner of the property is in default of the terms stipulated in the contract, he or she will have to pay back double of the amount of the deposit to the buyer.

Step 2: NIE (Spanish tax identity number)
You will also be required to have a tax identity number or numero de identificacion fiscal (NIE or NIF) and a Spanish bank account before the transfer of the deed. Galiciavista Inmo S.L. will help you with obtaining these for free.

Step 3: Checking the paperwork on the house
As your estate agent, Galiciavista Inmo S.L. will check before offering the property for sale that the apparent owner is the legal owner and that the property is free of unpaid charges, taxes, or mortgages.
The seller must be asked to produce:
- a publicly registered title deed or escritura publica If this paperwork is not available we will with the contrato de arras ( binding contract) together with the owner register the property in his/her name first before the notary transfers the deed.
- a certificate from the local property registry – nota simple informativa – that shows ownership and details of any mortgages or other charges against the property. Again if this document is not available, we will provide one (with the assistance of the owner) before the transfer of the deed.
-If necessary an energy certificate
- a paid local property receipt or impuesto de bienes inmuebles (IBI). In addition, we also provide a copy of the most recent water, electricity, telephone, and rubbish collection bills.

Step 4: At the notary
The next step in the process is paying the outstanding money, signing the legalized contract or escritura de compraventa, and obtaining the keys. This step is performed in the office of a notary. The notary is a much respected public official who impartially ensures that the contract, prepared by him, has been signed, the money paid, and that both parties are aware of their tax obligations. The notary represents neither the seller nor the buyer and can help in authoritatively resolving any doubts or questions you may have. If the notary does not speak English, then we will translate for you, or you can hire an independent translator.
The notary limits himself to ensuring that both parties have correctly signed the contract and understand its contents. At the end of the meeting in the notary’s office you will have shaken hands with everybody involved and become the legal owner of the property at that time you receive a copy of the signed deed. If you are unable, or unwilling, to be in Spain for this crucial meeting then you can make a poder (power of attorney) at an earlier date and give this power to your lawyer or other representative.

Immediately after your meeting in the notary’s office, the notary will send your escritura de compraventa to the property registry office to be registered and converted into a public document or escritura publica. You will receive the original, registered deed roughly two months later.
Galiciavista will assist all buyers with obtaining a NIE number, opening a bank account and with the connections of the electricity and telephone lines, for free. We can also provide insurance for your property.
If you so desire, we will recommend English speaking lawyers, architects and builders.


Testimonials from our clients 


Via de website kwamen we bij John. Op zijn site waren zeer goeie referenties te lezen. Naast deze referenties en het feit dat hij nederlands sprak hebben we voor hem als makelaar gekozen. Nu heel het proces achter de rug is hebben we daar totaal geen spijt van. John is iemand die meedenkt. Hij gaat een stap verder dan andere zouden doen. Hij doet zijn werk met zijn hart en je merkt dat hij zijn werk oprecht leuk vind. In het gehele proces wat niet altijd gemakkelijk ging bleef John eerlijk en direct een eigenschap waar wij nederlanders erg van houden. Een ander land een emigratie er komt ontzettend veel op je af. Het is dan zeer prettig om met iemand samen te werken die weet wat hij doet en veel ervaring heeft en je er doorheen helpt. Inmiddels zitten we in het prachtige Galicie en kunnen we aan de slag met het huis.



Mirjam, Koen, Niva en de kleine baby


Martin & Tony Odams da Zylva

The thing with real estate is that one is taking a step into the unknown: how does one know that what one is being told is correct; what steps in the process are essential; what elements are good to have in place; who are the players and why does one need them; how does one comply with the local laws and procedures; where do I find a tradesman and so on. These are important issues when one is parting with one’s hard-earned cash!   All our questions surrounding these issues were resolved and dealt with efficiently, completely and with a high-degree of professionalism by Galicia Vista in our recent transaction(s).

Here are some of the most pertinent examples:  1. understanding the brief – Galicia Vista got immediately what we were seeking to do and found a selection of suitable properties for us to view; 2. navigating the process – Galicia Vista could not have been clearer what steps were required and guided us throughout; 3. quality of third party services – Galicia Vista introduced us to the best professionals in the area, notary, gestor, bankers and so on, who, orchestrated by Galicia Vista, played an essential part in supporting the process and making the purchase simple and straightforward (when we knew it was not an easy ask); and 4. aftersales service – could not have expected this level of service in a million years, assisting with electricity board, building contractors, electricians etc. a phenomenal contact book and introductions made with pleasure and all the tradesmen delivered on time and to budget!


If you are looking for a one-stop shop for buying a property in Galicia, these are your guys!


Hi John,

 Just a few words to let you know that it is now just over a year since we moved to Louseira the house you sold us , we are very happy here and have met many friends both British and Spanish, my grasp of the language is coming on though not as quick as I would like but never the less we are still managing to get by and they are very good with us at our local the "O Crucero " bar at Vilacha  so all in all we are very pleased that you found this beautiful house for us which is greatly admired by all who have seen it.  We find plenty to do with the house and garden and have turned the bodega into a workshop/office which is very nice also we have painted and refurbished the bedrooms and hallway and fitted a heat recovery hot water system and done away with the 3 phase electricity as it was too expensive, but as we are not getting any younger ( such is life ! ) we will be looking to you to carry out any future house purchase we may wish to buy, we were thinking probably in 2 to 3 years and we will be looking for a smaller chalet or bungalow near Pontedeume or Cabanas within walking distance of the town. We hope this email finds you both well and you are kept busy despite Brexit, and would like you to feel free to visit us at any time if you are in the area. 

Kind Regards, 

Rick & Ann


Hello I would like to say that John & Sieni were wonderful basically held my hand and guided me through a mind feel of red tape and presages, to achieve my goal of been the proud owner of a stone built farm house in Spain, the organised accommodation for me, put me in tuck with people to help in so many ways and I can’t thank them enough I would have no qualms or reservations of using them a gene and have recommended them to my friends and lifelong ones, if there is some think you are not shower of any think just ask them, any think cheap flits to best shopping spots electricity opening a bank account they will even come along with you so to translate for you. Highly recommend


Regards Adrian Hughes


Mijn aankoop in Spanje, in de wondermooie omgeving van Galicië is getekend begin maart 2015. Een grond van bijna 2000m² in een klein dorpje aan de kust. Het klinkt romantisch en mooi, maar om iets te kopen moet je toch door een proces dat iets anders is dan wat ik ken in België en Luxemburg en dat toch niet geheel stressvrij is. De definitie van een goede vastgoedmakelaar kom je bij een transactie in Spanje wel echt te weten. Elke stap in het verkoopproces hebben Sien en John me ingelicht, geïnformeerd en nuttige contacten aangereikt maar ook ondersteund omdat timing in het Spaans enerzijds toch strikt is maar ook een relatief begrip is als je iets aanvraagt. Galiciavista draagt zorg voor haar klanten ook na het ondertekenen van je aankoopakte en dat ervaar ik als een extra surplus bij mijn transactie.

Tom Maes, Antwerpen, België


We came to Galicia to buy a house. We went back to the UK with a beautiful house and two new friends.
I know John will agree when I say that our journey wasn’t exactly straight forward but John was always prepared to go the extra mile to help us get things done.
Throughout the process John and Sieni were honest, upfront, patient, always on time and always supportive.
John is not an estate agent, he is a partner and his knowledge of house buying is Spain is second to none.
When I have enough money, I’ll be buying my second home through Galicia Vista!

Thanks, Jules & Adrian, UK 

'We found Galicia Vista via the Internet and were provided with a personal yet professional service from the beginning. They have excellent knowledge, answering all questions that we had and informing us of things we hadn't asked/ thought about. Neither my husband or myself speak Spanish and they were there to help carry out all formal processes that would have been very challenging without their help. What could have been a very nerve-wracking experience was very pleasurable one. We are hugely grateful that we came across them as a company as well as individuals and look forward to meeting with them when we move. We can't thank them enough for helping us fulfil our dream.

Thank you,

Leah and Hamish'


I found galicia vista agency from internet . From the first day and during my visits in Galicia, after viewing many properties I have decided which house. John and Sieni help me from the first moment. Have helped me step by steo.The agency provided me with a professional way, thorough and personal service . guiding through every step:visiting houses,notary, bank account everything necessary etc etc etc. Without help of the galicia staff,and their excellent support ,it would have been very difficult for me.
Thank very much to John and Sieni for all.

Enea from Italy


Buying my place in Ortigueira could have been very difficult without the help of John and Sieni .
They were there to answer my questions every step of the way.
I recomend that you would find it very hard to find better property prices ,and a more friendly real estate agents.

Thanks to Galiciavista from Antony and Rebecca [England]



its is hard to imagine a more personal , responsive and informed estate agent than Galicia Vista. From the moment we exchanged our first emails about properties in Galicia to the moment we signed the papers that bought the house John and Sieni have been with us every step of the way.
Buying a house in spain for the first time certainly has its challenges and if it is was not for John's knowledge , and relentless enthusiasm our house buying adventure may never have succeeded. John and Sieni's knowledge of Galicia ,its customs, and connections means he offers an exceptional service for the house buyer in Galicia.
Since buying the house john has continued to support us with contractual variations and has put us in touch with a builder who has started on the house. We feel we have developed a friendship with John and Sieini that means we will look forward to years of contact with them when ever we are in galicia.

Pete And Debs London 

Best wishes to you both


I am an American citizen who has dreamed of owning a small property in Spain for many years. Nevertheless, the idea of purchasing a property overseas seemed mysterious and daunting. The wonderful knowledgable and cordial staff at Galicia Vista took me step by step through the process, and have made my dreams come true. They are also quite willing to help after the sale with any services your property may require. I look forward to an ongoing relationship with Galicia Vista, and recommend them without hesitation.

David Gloss C
olorado US, 

We found GaliciaVista agency from internet, and from the first day we got perfect service from Sieni and John! We asked a lot of questions, changed our decisions, but always got only positive feedback and very good attention and support.
We did all preparation for a deal from Russia by e-mail and when we came to Spain we were good prepared to buy property. During our visits Sieni and John came to place where we looked for property (200 km) and provided us excelent support in all negotiations and formalities. We don't speak spanish language, but everything was very easy with their help!
We would like to wish to Sieni and John prosperity in the business and all the best!
We recommend GaliciaVista as trusted partner to everybody!
We like our new house and thanks to John and Sieni we got it!

BR, Victoria and Andrey, Russia, 

Dear John and Sieni,

We would both like to thank you very much for all the time and trouble you both have put in to find us our beautiful Galician home, as we sit looking from our house over the magnificent views we can't thank you enough for the professional way which the whole transaction was dealt with and all the after sales help you gave us, we hope that we stay in touch for a very long time and we look forward to a long and happy life in Pontevedra.

All our kindest regards

Bob and Irina



Ho recentemente acquistato una proprietà in Galizia affidandomi a questa agenzia immobiliare e posso testimoniare della loro professionalità, serietà ed affidabilità; mi hanno affiancata durante tutte le pratiche ed il passaggio di proprietà, tutto si è svolto regolarmente. Mi ritengo soddisfatta della compravendita e del prezioso aiuto di Sieni e John!


Wir sehnten uns nach einem ruhigen Platz fernab vom Alltagsstress in der Schweiz und wurden hier in Galicien fündig.
Nach langer erfolgloser Suche nach einem geeignetem Haus, welches für uns nicht im besten Zustand sein musste jedoch sollte es erschwinglich und mit Strom und Wasser ausgestattet sein. Es war wirklich nicht einfach etwas zu finden, dass unseren Vorstellungen entsprach, bis wir auf galiciavista aufmerksam wurden und so John und Sieni kennenlernen durften.
Durch dass Sie uns zugehört hatten und Sich auch für unsere Pläne interessiert hatten, konnten uns von anfang an Objekte vorlegen die genau das hatten was für uns massgebend war. So konnten wir uns sehr schnell für eine Immobilie von Galiciavista entscheiden und wurden auch im Nachhinein sehr gut von John und Sieni betreut, was wir sehr zu schätzen wissen. Wir können Galiciavista nur weiter empfehlen wenn sich jemand ein Anwesen in Galicien kaufen möchte, und würden es selber sofort auch wieder so machen.

Adrian & Monika


I would like to recommend the services of GaliciaVista estate agents through whom we have recently bought property. After viewing many properties we finally decided on two adjoining houses which needless to say complicated things considerably. Through their negotiating and organisational skills Sieni and John were able to guide the process through to a successful conclusion despite having to deal with numerous difficulties along the way. They inspired confidence in us that everything they did would be done correctly and that they wouldn’t allow things to proceed unless all paperwork and legalities were fully in order. They kept us fully informed of progress and never failed to respond promptly to our many and varied questions along the way.

On a personal level they have helped us enormously to settle into our new life, introducing us to people in the area, advising on utility connections, helping with suppliers and contractors for the refurbishment works and providing a rich source of information on the local amenities etc..

What could so easily have been a very difficult and worrying process has been trouble free and even enjoyable, and for that we give them our heartfelt thanks.



Sue and Tony Finlay


Sobrado dos Monxes


Dear John and Sieni

Many thanks for your help with our recent purchase in Galicia.  We found your service extremely professional from the beginning and you are still helping us.  John showed us many properties that would have been suitable and was very clear about what work would need to be completed as well as advising about the local area.  For non-Spanish speaking English buyers, it was very helpful that he understood our questions and helped us through the purchase.  We are now looking forward to renovating our house and getting to know Galicia.  I would fully recommend your service to other buyers.

 Debbie and Ian


I am very happy  to recommend Galicia Vista  to anyone thinking of purchasing  property in Galicia . 


Their personal service has been for me   ‘second to none’ -guiding  through every step from initial viewing to completion . Organising everything from lawyer, foreign registration, bank account,  forex transfers  all  at no extra charge,  and ensuring that a property is  securely registered.  (unlike many estate agents)


The process is simple but thorough :


First ensuring  that the property is genuine and registered with the current owner  and  arranging  a ‘purchase contract’.

Once all checks are completed,  arrangements are then made  to  obtain  foreign personal registration, open a bank account   and secure a  Lawyer (and arranging power of attorney  to complete the process and  finalise purchase if required  - which greatly  simplifies everything and  minimises return trips… ) 


Their  excellent service and support  has continued long after completion and I  am very confident to know  that they are always on hand to advise and assist in the future    Thank you John and Sieni  !

Dan Sanger    UK


Based on our experience, we would have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending Galiciavista. Although the process of purchasing our property was unusually complex (even by Galician standards!) we were supported and advised all the way through. This has extended far beyond the actual purchase to include help with many administrative issues such as obtaining NIE numbers, opening a Spanish bank account and sorting out utilities which are well beyond what one might reasonably expect.

The whole experience has been more like being welcomed to a new country by friends than a mere commercial transaction. It has given us so much more than the "nuts and bolts" of purchasing a property. The level of service and support has been second to none.

Tim & Nicky Jarman 


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Galicia Vista provided us with a professional , thorough and personal service. Their many years of real estate experience meant that all went smoothly from start to finish. As a young family buying our first home their knowledge and honesty were invaluble. John and Sieni continued support and friendship has made the transition to living abroad a succes and a pleasure.

Billy, Amanda & kids



Hallo Sieni en John,


Eindelijk hebben we dan tijd gevonden om jullie eens te schrijven en te bedanken voor jullie hulp bij de aankoop van ons huis in Galicië, Spanje.

Goed het is jullie werk, maar mag gezegd jullie hebben ons zeer goed begeleid.


Wij waren opzoek naar een huis in Galicië en vonden jullie website door te zoeken onder; properties in Galicië/Galicia. We waren zeer verrast van het aanbod. Vroegen de nodige informatie en daar het toch van belang is, zo jullie ons lieten weten, om de woningen in werkelijkheid te zien, hebben we een afspraak gemaakt.

Bij de eerste ontmoeting voelde het gelijk goed.


Ons geluk was dat eigenlijk het eerste huis dat we gingen bezichtigen gelijk ons hart stal. We hoefden dus niet meer verder te kijken, wat we overigens wel hebben gedaan.


De koop ging erg voorspoedig. We hebben dan ook alle vertrouwen bij jullie gelegd en dat werd niet geschaad.

Jullie advies om een advocaat aan de arm te nemen heeft ons veel tijd en kopzorgen gescheeld.


Inmiddels hebben wij al veel opgeknapt aan de woning en wordt het steeds meer ons huis. De dorps bewoners zijn heuse vrienden geworden, hoewel jullie daar geen bijdrage in hebben gehad.

Het wachten is nu dat ons huis in Nederland verkocht gaat worden, iets wat in deze tijd van crisis niet mee valt, maar we hebben geduld.

We hopen jullie dan ook zeker nog eens te ontmoeten, te ontvangen in onze pracht woning, wanneer we in Galicië zijn en/of wonen.



Met vriendelijke groeten Cees Lans en Enno Paulusma



Having lived in southern Spain for several months, and finding it not quite the location or lifestyle we were looking for, my wife and I decided to search the internet for somewhere else within Spain that would be more to our taste. This is when we first came across Galiciavista. Many of the properties offered on the Galiciavista website appealed to us immediately. As a consequence, we decided to visit Galicia and investigate the area further.

As if by fate, the first estate agent we came across just happened to be one of the Galiciavista offices. We had no prior arrangement or plan to use these agents, just to visit the area and investigate local market. We found the staff in the office very welcoming, helpful and professional. Viewings of several properties within the area were arranged for the next day with John van der Weide. It took only a second trip to Galicia to locate a property in the Friol area that both my wife and I fell in love with.

John and his wife Sieni provided us with an exceptional service. They not only located a fantastic property for us but gave excellent advice and assistance. This included the recommendation of a local solicitor (who I would also highly recommend), an explanation of the local property purchase procedures and assistance if required with local banking and international money transfers.

Our property purchase is now complete and we are relative neighbours of John and Sieni. Since the completion of purchase they have both continued to give support and advice by locating a local architect and recommending local builders.

I cannot recommend the services of Galiciavista highly enough. In fact, my wife and I are happy to consider John and Sieni as good friends.

Steve & Louise Gould

Galiciavista is een aanrader als je in Galicia een huis wilt kopen.
John en Sieni begeleiden je in het hele traject, werkelijk vanaf het begin.
Voor ons was alles nieuw, Galiciavista gaf antwoord op al onze vragen en regelde wat nodig was.
Zij kunnen je ondersteunen in de keuze van architekt en aannemer.
Zelfs na de verkoop kun je nog steeds op hun rekenen.

John en Sieni dank je wel.

De blije eigenaars van een mooi huis in Burquiera/Galiciavista

Ruud en Dien Huisman

Na 40 jaren in het kleine en drukke België te hebben gewoond,  besloten we om eindelijk onze droom te realiseren. Naar Galicia verhuizen, liefst dan nog ergens in de vrij ongerepte natuur van de provincie Lugo. Gezocht en gezocht en nog meer gezocht en uiteindelijk gevonden via de Galiciavista website. Een oud huisje met wel wat werk aan maar erg rustig gelegen in een unieke omgeving.


We wonen hier dik 3 jaar, in deze oh zo prachtige en groene provincie. Niet ver van de stad Lugo (23 km), in een klein gehuchtje met amper 23 inwoners. En we zijn gelukkig.


Hoog tijd om jullie een bedankje te sturen. Wat zeg ik, een ferme dankuwel…


 Het mag geweten worden, dat mede dank zij jullie onze droom realiteit is geworden. Ons huisje hebben we nu al flink opgeknapt, we hebben fantastische en lieve en behulpzame buren en tal van vrienden gemaakt. De plek waar we wonen is enig mooi, en we genieten er nog elke dag van.


Jullie hebben ons uitstekend geholpen. Je moet het maar doen hé. Het doet goed om te merken dat er toch nog eerlijke mensen in die inmobilien sector zijn.


Ondertussen is onze zoon hier geboren, hebben we een paar honden, en een grote tuin die stilaan vorm krijgt. We hebben hard gewerkt, en dat kan je zien nu.


We wonen al een tijdje met al de nodige voorzieningen in ons huis. We moeten nog enkel wat kleine dingen afwerken, maar dat hoort erbij als je een oud huisje opknapt. We wonen niet voor niets in Spanje, morgen is er nog een dag en het zal allemaal wel lukken. Nog eventjes en ons ‘paleisje’ is helemaal klaar. Onze zoon zal hier zijn eerste stapjes zetten, en binnenkort naar hartelust kunnen ravotten. Wij kunnen hier uren wandelen zonder iemand tegen te komen, en als we dan toch eens de nabije buur of boer passeren is er telkens tijd voor een leuke babbel. Zo verbeterd ons Gallisich elke dag een beetje. Het gewone Spaans is geen probleem, dat leer je snel.


Ik heb onlangs een job aangenomen, in de houtsector. Dank zij de buren is dat plots komen aanwaaien. Nu werk ik hard, en heb een redelijk zeker inkomen. Niet onhandig in tijden van crisis.  Werken in de vrije natuur, op de mooiste plekjes die er zijn, gezond en plezierig.


 Jullie kunnen het lezen, ons leven heeft hier een vaste vorm gekregen. We zijn zo goed als geïntegreerd, ook al horen de Galiciers wel dat je uit het ‘buitenland’ komt. Hier worden we echt gerespecteerd. We leven dan ook zoals hen. Simpel maar gezond. We eten de lekkerste dingen , stevige kost van de Gallisiche keuken en daarbij de lekkerste kost van het vat die dan nog weinig kost J. De wijn uit de Ribeira Sacra, hier amper 50 km vandaan.


We hebben onze zoon de naam Anxo gegeven. Typisch voor de streek hier. Ook dat vinden de mensen hier iets speciaals, dat Belgen hun kind een Gallisiche naam geven. Het is dan ook onze bedoeling om hier voor altijd te blijven. Je hebt altijd een fractie meeval nodig, maar met wat goedwil en wat gezond verstand en verstandig te werken zal dat leven hier erg mooi zijn.


En dat allemaal dank zij jullie uitstekende hulp en steun. Dat zullen we nooit vergeten! Als we iemand kunnen overtuigen om ook die stap naar ‘leven in Galicia’ te zetten, zullen we zeer zeker jullie aanraden. Is het voor een vakantieverblijf, of voor permanent wonen, reclame zullen we maken en via deze weg willen we GaliciaVista belangeloos promoten aan elke geïnteresseerde medemens. Een tevreden mens doet dat met graagte, en we hopen dat jullie nog vele ‘beter leven’ zoekers mogen helpen.


Vanuit Xuriz.

Jan, Jasmien en Anxo



We first approached John and Seni in December 2006 with a view to

looking at property in Galicia. We had numerous visits to the region

until we settled upon the house we now own.

During our visits John and Seni were both very professional and

extremely helpful. We found our house and proceeded with the

purchase. They put us in touch with an english speaking lawyer, Mr

 Goni who was also very professional. The whole purchase ran like

 clockwork, and although we had a difficult Vendor, due to the services

 of John and Seni and Mr Goni, we were saved a lot of anxiety. We had

purchased a house some years before in Southern Spain and at that time

 we used Spanish Agents and a spanish lawyer. It was far more fraught

 because of the language barrier. Both John and Seni speak perfect

 english, as does Mr Goni, communication is easy and it really does

 save a lot of worry and anxiety. We would not hesitate in

recommending GaliciaVista as they are a friendly and professional

 company, who also pride themselves on an after sales service which is

 second to none.

Pat & Mike



 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear John, Sieni and all at Galicia Vista

 We just wanted to say a 'big thank you' to everyone at Galicia Vista for all the help and support when purchasing our house in Galicia.  Having experienced house buying/selling through UK estate agents,     we appreciate all of the time, effort and professionalism that ensured a smooth and trouble free house purchase.  As we were first time buyers in Spain, it was comforting to know that there was someone helpful on the other end of the phone who could speak our language and be there to assist us in every way (eg. NIE numbers, telephone line connection and general advice).  In addition, now that we are     living  in Galicia, we also appreciate the after sales service and it is particularly reassuring to know that you are still offering your help should the need arise.

Kind regards

Graham and Liz Fenwick

As Cortinas

We first met John and Seini in February ’07 on our first trip to Galicia and immediately found John’s relaxed approach to property viewing a world away from the edgy over-eagerness of  most UK estate agents


As well as a wide range of properties in a variety of locations, we were particularly impressed with John’s ability and willingness to share accurate, unbiased information on both the buying process and, crucially, true restoration costs.


Having had our offer accepted, John and Seini took time to guide us through complexities of    the Galician property system also helping us to find an excellent bilingual lawyer whose   expertise in ironing out deed issues proved invaluable.


All five of us – John, Seini, the lawyer, my wife and I – as well as the sellers, merrily completed the sale at Lugo notary’s office four months later. During that time, there had thankfully been    no shocking discoveries, nor surprise costs.


At this point, as is the case with UK