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PontevedraBuilding lot | near Catoira / Pontevedra For Sale€ 49.900,- 

Building land 3.150 sq. m near Valga, 10 km from Catoira and the beach, 20 km from Vilagarcia de Arousa.

Pontevedra 33 km, Santiago de Compostela 36 km.


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CoruñaBuilding lot | near Ortigueira / Ortigueria SoldSOLD
Building land near Loiba. An ideal investment opportunity. The area of Loiba offers great possibilities to create the house of your dreams. The beaches are only 3 km’s from the plots. Building plots are hard to find in Galicia this creates an ideal situations to buy one now. There are 2 building plots of 891sq m and 995 sq m. There is a  big house of 240 sq. m which is in a bad condition and a ruin on one of the plots which might be restored or torn down.
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CoruñaBuilding lot | near Malpica / A Coruña For Sale€ 45.000,- 

Great sea view building plot near Malpica (4 km).

This sea view plot is located at 1.5 km from the spectacular beaches and is zoned for one villa/house.

The plot measures 1.308 sq m. Fantastic location, super attractive price.

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CoruñaBuilding lot | near Ponteceso / A Coruña For Sale€ 50.000,- 
Sea view plot near Ponteceso.

This plot measures 753 sq m and is located at easy walking distance to town and the beaches (400 meters).

Two houses can be constructed on this plot. Great location, owner is motivated to sell.

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CoruñaBuilding lot | near Laxe / A Coruña For Sale€ 80.000,- 
Two sea view plots, measuring 1500 sq m in total.

These plots are located close to Ponteceso and Laxe, just across the road from the beaches 100 (meters). 
Posible to construct 3 houses. 
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CoruñaBuilding lot | near Ribeira For Sale€ 99.000,- 
Big plot (6.334 sq m) in rural area close to Ribeira and only 2 km from  the beaches! 

One house can be constructed on this plot. Ideal for a family who long for the rural life.

Excellent location.

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CoruñaBuilding lot | near Caion / A Coruña For Sale€ 110.000,- 

Sea view plot near Caion/Coruña.

Only 600 meters from the beaches and 23 km from La Coruna.

Owner is motivated to sell.

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CoruñaBuilding lot | near Ribeira For Sale€ 255.000,- 
Magnificent sea view plots near Ribeira.

The total area of this plot is 1.452 sq m, three villas may be built here.                                                                                                                  

 The alternative would be a four story apartment building with a total volume  of

1.141 sq m.

One of the best locations in the area.

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CoruñaBuilding lot | near A Coruña For Sale€ 375.000,- 

Opportunity to build your own dream house on the beach.

There are four plots available, only one of them directly on the beach. Grand price, grander location, a unique chance to live your dream. The entire plot measures 3.000 sq m. Only a few steps to bars and restaurants.

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CoruñaBuilding lot | near Ribeira For Sale€ 35.000,- 
6  building plots only  3.5 km from de beach

7 km from Ribeira
30 km from Noia
60 km from Santiago de Compostela

Plot 1:  1.021 sq. m 55.000 Euros
Plot 2 :    500 sq. m 35.000 Euros
Plot 3 :    526 sq. m 35.000 Euros
Plot 4:  1.366 sq. m 65.000 Euros
Plot 5:     927 sq. m 45.000 Euros
Plot 6:     805 sq. m 35.000 Euros

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CoruñaBuilding lot | near Corrubedo For Sale€ 78.000,- 
Building plot  670 sq. m near Corrubedo to build 1 house with great views over the ocean.
800 meters from the beach.
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CoruñaBuilding lot | near Corrubedo For Sale€ 100.000,- 
Building plot of 600 sq. m to build 1 house with fantastic ocean views. 
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CoruñaBuilding lot | near Porto do Son For Sale€ 250.000,- 
Building plot of 3.200 sq. m with the posibility to build up to 4 houses with stunning sea views over the Ria de Muros y Noia!

The beach is at walking distance, only 300 m.
Nearest village is 700 m away
Nearest town Noia 8 km
Santiago de Compostela only  at 45 km distance.

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CoruñaBuilding lot | near Ortigueira For Sale€ 40.000,- 
Building plot of 700 sq m with views over the Ria de Ortigueira. Great plot in prime location. Close to Ortigueira and the wonderful beaches of the region.
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CoruñaBuilding lot | near Sobrado dos Monxes / A Coruña For Sale€ 35.000,- 
Wonderful building plot of 8.000 sq m close to Sobrado dos Monxes. This building plot which offers outrageous views can be used to built 1 to 4 houses. The area is peaceful and quiet yet only 60 km from Santiago and A Coruña. Great location fantastic price.
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LugoBuilding lot | near Lugo For Sale€ 40.000,- 
1.600 sq m building plot 3 km from Lugo. This plot is licensed to built one house. Great location, conveniently situated.
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LugoBuilding lot | near Friol / Lugo For Sale€ 21.000,- 
Fantastic building plot near Friol (1.924 sq m). This building plot offers spectacular views over the surrounding country side and is located on the edge of a small hamlet. Friol is only 6 km from this property. Lugo 30 km, A Coruña 75 km and Santiago 85 km. To find a licensed plot with views like these and for this price is difficult in Galicia.
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