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Galicia has a rugged coastline, a temperate climate and plenty of property for sale, so what are you waiting for? Known in Spain as the land of a thousand rivers, Galicia is an undiscovered treasure. The coastline comprises tiny coves, beautiful sandy beaches flanked by high cliffs and fishing ports, and sheltered harbours. Inland the region is green and wooded, especially along the valleys where trees overlook lush meadows and orchards. There are plenty of other reasons why property for sale in Galicia is being bought up fast.

Find property for sale in Galicia

  • Property prices - Property for sale in Galicia is still much cheaper than in the rest of Spain. Galicia has recently received an injection of cash from the central government and the European Union to regenerate the economy. It follows that property prices will soon begin to rise, so there has never been a better time to buy.
  • Tourism - As yet, there aren't many foreigners living in Galicia, although it is popular with other Spaniards who don't want the heat of the Andalucian, Murcian or Valencian summer, but do want the scenic beauty and culinary delights. The tourist industry is growing, however, especially as people learn about all that the region has to offer. If you are after buy-to-let property for sale in Galicia then you won't be disappointed. The area has many properties suitable for this purpose at very affordable prices.
  • Stability - Galicia has a very low crime rate; in 2003 crime statistics showed Galicia as being well down the list, at number 17 out of 19 regions in Spain. The Spanish economy is regarded as stable and therefore suitable for foreign investment.
  • Climate - The temperate climate in Galicia also makes the property for sale a tempting prospect. The weather is particularly good between May and September which makes it an ideal location for summer holiday rentals. As you move in from the coast the land quickly starts to become mountainous and here you can find a popular ski resort, so there are plenty of possibilities for the winter, too.

At Galiciavista Inmo we have more than 350 individual properties for sale. We have original stone farmhouses in need of restoration through to commercial properties ready for you to take over. Whether you are looking for a holiday home on the beach or you want to start your own business, we have an abundance of properties for sale in Galicia, so you are bound to find the right one for you. Give us a call to discuss your requirements on +34 98 237 1010.

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